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Enviroplan Management Team


Howard Ellis, President, Enviroplan ConsultingAreas of Specialization:

President of Enviroplan Consulting.  Senior consultant with 38 years experience in air pollution emissions inventory development including Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions inventories, development and application of atmospheric diffusion models, air pollution permitting, air quality and meteorological monitoring, wind energy projects, and development of risk management plans and environmental management systems. Consultant to the American National Standards Institute on development of ANSI’s accreditation program for GHG verification and validation bodies, Former Chairman of the ISO 14000 Intercommittee Task Force of the Air and Waste Management Association responsible for the training and dissemination of information on ISO 14000.  Author of over 25 papers on air pollution issues presented at conferences and published in professional journals. Qualified Environmental Professional, Certificate No.7990037, Institute of Professional Environmental Practice.

B.S., Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.B.A., Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration
D.B.A., Harvard University.  Doctoral dissertation concerned with development of rational approaches to government decisions concerning air pollution
Training course to become a certified auditor of ISO 14000 environmental management systems

SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, Environmental Studies Division

Dr. Allen C. Dittenhoefer, Ph.D. Senior Vice President,Enviroplan ConsultingAreas of Specialization:

Senior Vice President of the Environmental Studies Division and Director of the Southeast Regional Office in Birmingham, Alabama.  Dr. Dittenhoefer has 29 years of experience as an environmental consultant in areas including estimation of toxic air emissions and other chemical releases from complex mobile and stationary sources, atmospheric dispersion modeling, long range transport, atmospheric chemistry, aerosol physics, atmospheric visibility and multimedia environmental audits. His responsibilities include principal investigator, project management and senior review, administration of company research programs and coordination of new technical developments, regulatory negotiations, and other air pollution consulting services.

Ph.D., Meteorology, The Pennsylvania State University
M.S., Meteorology, Cornell University
B.S., Meteorology, Cornell University

VICE PRESIDENT and DIRECTOR, Air Quality Monitoring Division.

Dave S. Cummings - Vice President, Enviroplan ConsultingAreas of Specialization:

Vice President and Director, Air Quality Monitoring Division with 25 years experience in air quality and meteorological monitoring. Responsible for overall management of ambient monitoring operations.  Experienced project manager responsible for network and station design, installation and monitoring program oversight for complete operation, maintenance, quality assurance, data reduction, validation, reporting, and administration.  Mr. Cummings has directed project teams conducting air pollution and meteorological monitoring programs ranging in size from $60,000 to $2,000,000 for numerous companies in the electric utility, manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, waste-to-energy, general industry, and public sectors

Associates of Applied Science in Electronics, University of Hartford, CT
Bachelors of Engineering Technology, University of Hartford, CT
U.S. EPA: Courses completed in a variety of air pollution topics


VICE PRESIDENT, Environmental Studies Division

Michael Hirtler - Vice President, Enviroplan ConsultingAreas of Specialization:

Vice President with 27 years consulting experience in Enviroplan Consulting's Environmental Studies Division. Areas of specialization include criteria pollutant air dispersion modeling as part of state-only permitting, major source NSR/PSD permitting, and NAAQS SIP compliance demonstrations. Air toxics/hazardous air pollutant dispersion modeling under state air toxics programs for air permit support, residual risk under Section 112(f) of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA), and hazard assessments required under Section 112(r) of 1990 CAAA. Part 70/71 (Title V) air permitting, and state and federal New Source Review (NSR) and Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) air permitting. Point source and fugitive air pollutant emissions inventory development. Certified Consulting Meteorologist, No. 504, American Meteorological Society.

Graduate Coursework, Atmospheric Science, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
B.S., Meteorology, Cook College at Rutgers University

MANAGER, Air Quality Monitoring Division

Kathy Stanwood - Manager, Enviroplan ConsultingAreas of Specialization:

Manager of Data Reduction, Processing, and Reporting and Laboratory Operations, Air Quality Monitoring Division with 29 years experience in air quality and meteorological data analysis and reporting. Responsible for Enviroplan Consulting’s gravimetric laboratory for analysis of particulate matter samples. Fully versed in all phases of data analysis, reduction and report preparation, including State and Federal regulatory reporting requirements for ambient air quality and meteorological monitoring programs.  Responsible for daily acquisition (via telemetry) of all monitoring station digital data, preparation of daily data summary reports in support of field operations management, receipt, organization and archival of all supporting data shipments from the field, and subsequent data analysis and reporting for all currently operating air quality and meteorological monitoring programs. Review of data to quality assure final results.  Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports, including PARS, statistical analysis, quality assurance data, wind roses, frequency distribution, data collection efficiencies, moving and non-moving block averages, discussion of the data with respect to regulatory compliance standards, and executive summaries. Responsibilities include staff oversight and management for monthly analysis and data reduction of pollutant sampling, including SO2, NOx, CO, O3, TSP, PM10, methane and non-methane hydrocarbons, air toxics pollutants, and various meteorological parameters.

M.A., Environmental Studies, Montclair State College
B.S., Biology, St.  Peter's College, Jersey City, NJ

DIRECTOR, GHG Consulting Services

John Bewick - Director, Enviroplan ConsultingAreas of Specialization:

Dr. Bewick is Director of Enviroplan Consulting's GHG Verification and Validation Services. He has over 35 years experience in the environmental field. He is a Certified Greenhouse Gas Verifier as certified by CSA America. He directs Enviroplan Consulting’s ongoing verification work including current work for a major electric power company. He was head designer of Enviroplan Consulting's GHG Management System. Prior to joining Enviroplan Consulting he worked as a contractor for the American National Standards Institute where he was responsible for ISO 14065 Conformity Assessment determinations for GHG verification and validation bodies. He developed environmental management systems for industrial compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations. He also served as Secretary, Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where he directed an agency with 3,600 people and an annual budget of $120 million.

Bachelor of Engineering Physics, Cornell University
Master of Nuclear Science, University of Michigan
Masters in Business Administration and Doctorate in Business Administration
(Major in Statistical Decision Theory)
Harvard University, Graduate School of Business Administration